Thursday, August 6, 2009



Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay, as the name implies, it uses enzyme, antigen, and antibody reaction. It is also known as EIA, or Enzyme Immunoassay. It can measure antigen-antibody binding. You can use it in measuring hormones, enzymes etc.

Principle: Unknown antigen is attached in a cell surface, then you will add a specific antibody to which that antigen will react to (you now have antigen-antibody reaction)this antibody is linked to an enzyme. To have a measurement of the antigen-antibody reaction you need to add a substance which can cause the enzyme to produce a detectable signal, like an amplifier. (e.g. Fluorescense ELISA)

There are several types of of ELISA:

Indirect ELISA and Sandwich ELISA

Competitive ASSAY

In relation to parathyroid hormone, ELISA can be used to measure the amount of PTH in our system. As mentioned in the intorduction, it can measure hormones. You can apply any of the severeal types of ELISA procedure. ELISA kit are now available in the market for easy use.


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