Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Drug Testing

" Do you agree that drug testing should be done as a requirement for admission to schools? Why and why not?"

I agree that drug testing should be included as one of the tests to be accomplished by an incoming student when enrolling in a university or school.

Let's face it, not all freshmen are first timers in college, some are transferees from other schools. It's a another way of checking the background or personality of individuals.

Taking drugs like marijuana and cocaine which are substances of abuse is not something to be proud of. People using these (for me) are people who have problems and are not capable of handling them.

No one wants to be in a school with classmates who are drug users in the first place. And for parents, they don't want their children to be exposed in that kind of environment. They brought their children to school to learn good things and not to be influenced to the wrong direction.

And if you're the school owner, you don't want your school to be call "School of Addicts", it would be a greatly disgrace if you have students who are drug users just because they want to be happy. So I really agree of drug testing as a part of admission test for an incoming student.

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1. EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay)
2. True
3-5. Unknown (antigen), Antibody (enzyme linked), substrate
6-8. Sandwich ELISA, Competitive ELISA, Indirect ELISA
9. True
10. True

CASE Analysis

The doctor might order a test to determine the calcium level in the womans body including the hormones that regulate the calcium.

ELISA is recommended method in determination of hormone levels. Because its a direct measurement, and a very specific method.