Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CasE AnaLysiS for ELISA

1. Other name for ELISA.

2. True or false: The principle of ELISA is to detect an unknown sample using a specific antibody which is linked in an enzyme, which the antigen will react with, that will be measured directly.

3-5. What are the reagents used in ELISA?

6-8. Give at least three example of ELISA.

9. True or false: Elisa can also be used in measuring hormone?

10. True or false: Can ELISA be considered a confirmatory test?

CaSE AnaLysis

A 60 y.o. woman is experiencing backache, broken bones or fracture, decrease in height, and was diagnosed to have a mild osteoporosis 10years ago. Her doctor gave her already medicines and she started to recover from it. Unfortunately, due to insufficient money, she failed to complete her medications and begun to work as a laundry woman in a rich family. Because the family loved her, they sent her to a doctor and promised to support her entire medication.

What is the possible test her doctor might request for her?

Give one method which can confirm test results.




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