Monday, October 5, 2009

First WEek of InternShip

My first week of being an intern at AUFMC, is just like our preceptorship day. We were not yet assigned in our permanent sections in the lab because Ma'am Noemi is on --- leave (sorry, im not allowed to say the word :)) hehe) So we waited until she came and give us our partner and our section. My partner in Phlebotomy section is non other than--Shane! Cant believe that she would be my lab partner for 6months.

At first we were both nervous in extracting blood from patients, but of course we dont have a choice, we cannot endorse every extraction to our staff and the fact that we are there to learn. And so now, on my third week in that section, I'm well adjusted with the works there. We also join our staff in warding, we usually have 5AM, 6AM, 10AM, 8PM, and 12MN hours of warding.

Night duties are the "magastos" duty that we have. Because we usually eat at least 4x from 1PM-8AM of duty. We are lucky if we have 4hrs of sleep, from my last duty I only have an hour for nap time. And always expect that you have loads of specimen in the morning specially when its weekdays. It's not toxic in the lab during weekends.

The staff there are good, we have junior and senior staff. Most of the staff there are former students in AUF, so we share common stories during dull time.

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