Friday, June 19, 2009

ExERciSE yoUR bRaiN ceLLs

Quiz time!!

1. What is the average number of parathyroid gland/s an individual must have?
2. What is the major role of parathyroid gland?
3-4. What are the cells that are usually found in the parathyroid gland?
5-7. Name the 3 elements which are regulated by this gland?
8-9. Name at least two disorder associated with the parathyroid gland.
10. Where are the parathyroid gland located?


A 62 y.o. lady went to a doctor and complained of backaches and loss of height. In addition to her complains, she also experience the following: deformity of her spine, and brittle bones.

What could be the possible reason/s for the above mentioned symptoms?
What could be the test that can be ordered by the doctor to diagnose her condition?
Enumerate and discuss briefly other diagnostic test to confirm the initial diagnosis.


A man named Angelo have observed changes to his physical health. he noticed that he easily get tired after doing small tasks in his office. His co-workers observed too that he usually had mood swings.
He had his monthly check up and the laboratory findings revealed:
-blood calcium level increase
-urinalysis reveals stone from his kidney
-increase level of PTH

What could be the probable condition of Angelo?
Give some underlying conditions and complications regarding his condition.


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